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"TEAM" says it all when you talk about what makes the people at Best Pest Control so amazing. We understand that the way you put together an amazing team, is by employing amazing people who work hard together and learn and grow from interactions with each other. We only incorporate people into our company who demonstrate the highest of values and conduct themselves with absolute integrity. Everyone at Best Pest Control understands their critical role in the success of our company and have learned to work together and learn from each other.

Nearly every person associated as an Employee of Best Pest Control has served our great country within the ranks of our uniformed services. Many continue to serve today in the National Guard and Air National Guard. Along with their duties of exceeding industry standards with their knowledge of treating pests, they must also remain proficient and ready to take up arms at a moment notice and deploy to fight our nations wars. Understanding the stresses that this adds to the lives of our team members we have learned to rely on each other and have cultivated a climate very much like family.

Dan Sippy: Founder/ Training Advisor

Dan served in the army as an Airborne Ranger. He has been involved with Pest Control for over 30 years, and is the original owner of Best Pest Control. Because of his vast experience and incredible knowledge of Insects, Rodents, and wildlife, and because of his immense understanding of Pesticides and appropriate treatments for all Pests, Dan is highly revered within the State of Idaho as a leading Expert in the field.

Dan is a Family man first and foremost. He and his Wife Cheryl enjoy their time with grown Children and Grandchildren, and have many others that they consider their own Children. Dan has always been known as a straight shooter and has the ability to hold others around him to a high standard of conduct and is constantly serving those in need. It is this legacy of service, Integrity, Quality and Value that drive our company in the direction that it heads.

Jeremy Johnson: Owner

Jeremy has served and continues to serve in the Idaho Air National Guard. He has recently deployed on combat deployments in the fight against Terrorists and stands ready to deploy whenever he is needed. Jeremy has been in the Pest Control Industry for over 10 years. He and his wife Jennie have three teenage daughters that they absolutely adore.

Upon Graduating from a small High School in Southern Idaho, Jeremy served as a full time missionary for two years. After his mission he met and Married his wife Jennie and began studying at Boise State University. He successfully acquired two Bachelor's degrees and a Masters and was headed to dental school when he fell into the opportunity of starting a Pest Control Company with his brother.

Jeremy and his brother owned and operated a small company for 7 years before Dan Sippy approached Jeremy and expressed his desire to retire and sell Best Pest Control to him.

Joseph Basabe

Joe is one of the newest additions to the Best Pest Control family. Joe served for over 10 years in the Idaho Air National Guard. He deployed on multiple combat tours and many special deployments. His strong work ethic and incredible ability in his specific field allowed him to participate in a number of high priority projects that enabled the US Air Force to maintain its air superiority. Through his selfless service to his country He brought a ton of honor upon himself, his family and upon the United States Air Force.

Joe brought with him his superior leadership abilities, strong work ethic and sense of duty to his team. He has been instrumental in developing and fine tuning effective systems and operations procedures and policies, and treats everyone he works with like they are the most important person on the earth. Working as Branch Manager, Joe is extremely effective at client care and has the ability to be very sincere and honest with each client. One of Joe's most impressive abilities is his ability to effectively communicate. He has the ability to come to the level of the person he is addressing, and can formulate and express information in the most effective way.

Joe is the definition of and outdoorsman. He loves to camp, fish, hike and shoot. He has claimed he would go camping every weekend if it were possible. Ladies, don't you even worry though... he cleans up nicely, is an extreme gentleman and Yes... he is single.

Chad Sippy:

Chad Sippy served for many years in the United States Army. He served in many different theaters, and was an extremely valuable asset. Chad Recently separated from the Army and jumped at the chance to work in the Pest Control field once again. Son of founder Dan Sippy, Chad spent much of his childhood working and learning from his dad. He has a huge understanding of effective pest control procedures, and is a constant student of the trade. Chad and his wife Becky have two daughters, and Chad places a huge priority on his family.

Chad is a natural leader. He is very soft spoken and easy going, and has the ability of keeping everything in perspective. He is a very hard worker, and is extremely gifted at solving problems. Often Chad is sent on difficult assignments because of his extensive experience, and ability to find the most effective way of treating specific issues. He is a man of absolute honesty, and is a positive influence everywhere he goes.

Chad loves spending time with his family, enjoys video games, and is always tinkering in the shop. He seems to have quite the knack of building things.

Jon Summers:

Jon Summer currently serves in the Idaho Air National Guard. He recently returned from a combat mission fighting terrorists, and stands ready to deploy at any moment to fight our nation's wars. Jon has had an incredible military career and has served in a wide range of capacities. His leadership and drive have enabled him to excel and stand out in all of them. Jon and his wife Christa have two young daughters and enjoy spending time with them.

Jon is one of the most driven people you will ever meet, and is extremely reliable. If he is ever given a task, there is no question that it will be accomplished quickly and effectively. Jon also has the ability of managing multiple tasks, and has an extremely wide range of skills. He is very good and fixing things, and is often relied upon to handle maintenance issues on the truck fleet.

Jon has worked in the Pest Control industry since 2014, and has quickly learned the industry inside and out. Jon has a ton of self-discipline and quickly dives in to learning everything he can. Jon constantly makes sure that he knows and is implementing the most cutting edge techniques and products, and has developed an in house training program to further develop and improve the skills of everyone within the company.

Dexter Peterson:

Dexter recently returned from serving a full time mission for his church. He is one of the most intelligent and reliable people you will ever meet. He joined the Best Pest Control teem during the spring of 2016 and quickly developed into an extremely dependable and experienced Technician. Dexter seems to have a very easy time learning and understanding things. We quickly realized that he could carry the weight of someone who had been working in the industry for decades.

Dexter is attending Boise State University where he is studying Mechanical Engineering. He also manages to work long hours and excels at both school and work. Dexter is a very positive influence within the company and is extremely good with people. He is such an honest and approachable person that people gravitate to him and trust him.

Dexter plans to continue working during the summers as one of our technicians to help pay for his education. We are lucky to have him, and we wish we could clone him as we grow our company.

Jon Basabe:

Jon joined the Best Pest Control team in 2016 as our I.T. consultant. He has an incredible grasp of computers and managing a companies on line presence. Jon is extremely gifted and has provided a vision and the means of growing our business through online marketing. Brother to Joe Basabe, we quickly realized how valuable the Basabe's are, and are excited to work with Jon in the years to come.

History of Best Pest Control.

Best Pest Control was started in 1985 by founder Dan Sippy. Recently separated from United States Army as an officer with the Airborne Rangers, he came home to the Boise Idaho area and took a job working for the United States Postal Service. To supplement his income Dan who had his degree in Biology and Entomology registered with the Department of Agriculture and became licensed as a Pest Control Specialist. He began picking up small spray jobs that his wife would schedule for him for after work or on the weekend. His lovely wife Cheryl managed his clients and ran the business for a good many years, and was instrumental in developing a well-respected brand and an effective marketing strategy. Over the years Dan and Cheryl developed a very loyal client base and took the opportunity to employ their children to manage the ever increasing demand of their services.

Dan and Cheryl built their business on the principal that if you treat people with honesty and integrity, they will treat you right. Dan always made it a point to take care of his elderly clients and especially his elderly widowed clients that lived on an extremely fixed income. He would often take cookies or homemade sandwiches as payment and proved that his highest priority was his client's needs and not on making a ton of money.

As the years went by, Dan distinguished himself within the State of Idaho as an expert in his field. He became revered within the local Pest Control industry because of his vast amount of knowledge and experience with all aspects of the business. Dan was quick to take advantage of opportunities to share his knowledge with others. Other companies would often call him to help identify issues and trouble shoot problems.

In 2014 as he drew closer to retirement age, Dan decided he needed to hand select someone he could trust to run his business with the same level of quality and integrity that he had established. Jeremy Johnson and his brother had started and operated Bug Boyz Pest Control in the Treasure Valley. They had managed to build an incredible reputation of being very honest, and making sure their clients were well taken care of.In 2015 they merged initially creating a new company name and then deciding they should stick with Best Pest Control because of the incredible reputation that the company had built.

Today, Best Pest Control is dedicated to maintaining the legacy of Customer Care and Quality of Service that their clients have been accustomed to. Dan focuses his time on Technician training and education within the company, and is often relied upon to help troubleshoot and treat extreme conditions that require his expertise.

Best Pest Control is committed to leading the industry in Safe, Effective, and Environmentally Responsible treatments. We ensure our Technicians use the best products on the market and utilize the most effective methods to treat your home and business. Our commitment to Integrity, Quality of Service, and Incredible Client Care remain the same.

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